Vendor/Supply Management

Razor Energy conducts business with a wide range of suppliers, contractors and service providers in the Swan Hills, Whitecourt and Fox Creek areas. When required Razor Energy engages in services which are typically governed by specific agreements and contracts. Suppliers, contractors and service providers who provide services to Razor Energy may be required to enter into one of these agreements. These agreements contain the terms and conditions that govern the relationship between Razor Energy and the supplier, contractor or service provider. These contracts may contain specific provisions in regards to insurance, workers compensation that each must obtain and provide proof of. Having such agreements in place does not guarantee work with Razor Energy.

Supplier Management/Request for Information:

Razor Energy believes innovation is a key component to continued growth and success. Another key component to this success are the service suppliers that enhance the safety and efficiency of our operations.  Razor Energy is focused on strategic sourcing, including the introduction of new suppliers that will foster innovative technology and processes that ensure long-term growth for Razor Energy and its service providers. A request for information does not place the supplier on a pre-qualified list, nor does it obligate Razor Energy to provide work or enter any contractual relationship with any company completing this form.

Privacy Statement:

The information submitted will be accessible by all Razor Employees. With the submission of this information you are consenting to the use of this information for the purpose of survey and results analysis.

New Suppliers:

New suppliers not currently doing business with Razor Energy are asked to complete the following questionnaire so that we can better assess appropriate opportunities. Should Razor Energy identify a need for further information or pursue a business relationship, the Procurement Coordinator will contact you.


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